ex-offender participant Testimonials

“I think that this is a great class, I’ve learned more in here about who I really am than in school, the streets, and jail. I would come still come to this class even if I didn’t have to. Thanks Al”

“I really enjoy the metaphors aspect of the lessons and how those apply to my life. I like talking about the scientific elements that help us understand how we relate to the universe. Thank you."

  “Dr. Al has taught me more than any class I have been in, in over 30 years.”

“Al is an incredible person…he has helped me more than any other drug rehab has before…”

 “Dr. Al talks about choices and choosing your tribe carefully, even if you have to leave your current tribe. I always feel emotionally fulfilled when I leave class. He makes me feel very positive about my future.”

“Al has made me a believer in myself, increased my self-esteem, & willingness to succeed. I can overcome this problem in front of me.”

 “I love this class!! You learn a lot. Good stuff for life. Before this class I was unemployed, and my life had no direction. I am now maintaining a full-time job and I’m headed toward a positive future.” 

“My attitude has gone from angry and negative to positive and a ‘can do’ mentality. This has been very life changing for me. I can change. I can be somebody, I can win.”


“The idea of erroneous thinking has made a big difference in how I think about myself and life.”

“I now believe I can move forward and become something. I work harder than before, and the rewards are greater.”


“As a teacher, Al shows an ‘on the edge of your seat’ enthusiasm. You have opened my mind, thank you.” 


“I have been sober for 3 weeks and this class helps me realize I don’t need to smoke pot to deal with my anxiety and depression. I always leave class feeling hopeful and optimistic.”


“I appreciate when you always tell me that we are loved and expected to be great. I want you to know that you are also loved and are great.”