Youth Development Resiliency Mentoring

Offering regular classes that are designed to assist youth with risk factors.  Risk factors are defined as any disruption of harmony, i.e., parental divorce, death of a loved one, separation, physical illness, or developmental, social, education, spiritual and domestic disruptions. 

About Us


Our Research

 Our research shows that developing a high level of healthy resiliency skills are critical to the teen years.  If youth are not prepared for life’s challenges, they tend to make unhealthy choices that can lead down a path toward socially non-productive behaviors.  The program provides a way for youth to take action in their own behalf by teaching them that they possess an innate genius of spiritual, physical, and psychological energy that creates hope and well-being. 


Our Goal

 Our goal is to intervene before socially non-productive behaviors prevent youth from achieving their full potential in society. We will achieve this goal by using our resiliency program that is designed to assist at-risk youth in building a resource of abilities that defend against discouragement and self-defeating behaviors.


Our Mentors

  The program will be facilitated by a trained, caring Mentor who will provide classes directly to the youth and meets individually with them to follow-up on resiliency and personal goals. The Mentor also discusses challenges and how to overcome them using the resiliency abilities that are being taught.  Our Mentors are carefully selected, trained, supervised, and supported to ensure the high quality of the Resiliency Mentoring.